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    Nonforce Chiropractic Functional Medicine

                   No Snapping, Cracking or Popping/ Comprehinsive Blood Planels, Hormone /Allergy

            Dr. Lee Parimuha D.C.            Dr. Rosanne Dektor Parimuha D.C.

What we do and Why....
*Dr. Lee Parimuha DC uses primarily Non-Force Chiropractic treatments, [(Directional Non-force Technique Trained (DNFT)] [adjusts] muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves as well as bones of the spine, ribs, cranium, and extremities too.

Dr Lee Parimuha DC  and Dr Rosanne Dector DC treat holistically by using the Functional Medicine.
Functional Medicine incorporates the latest in genetic science, system biology, and understanding of how environmental and lifestyle factors influence the emergence and progression of desease.
*Non-Force Chiropractic treatments Use [specific muscle testing techniques] to determine

what is needed and when adjustments should be applied to achieve optimal  results!

 Improve function, reduce stress/ pain and achieve better sleep. It is a true mind/ body therapy!

Functional Health service as well as*SRT, Somatic Release Technique (deep tissue therapy) 

is practiced by Dr Rosanne Dektor DC



Severe and long standing chronic cases include fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue as well as many more.

 Check us out and see what non-force chiropractic functional medicine is all about. More importantly feel the difference we can make for your over all energy, ability to sleep and ability to function.


 "Dr. Parimuha has really helped myself and many of my patients. The technique (DNFT) is painless 99% of the time and adjustments last longer than traditional chiropractic adjustments. Drs Parimuha D.C. and Dektor D.C. have a lot of integrity and will tell one when they can't help or don't think further treatments will help."

 Dr. Gina Pennington M.D. Specialist in Woman's Health

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Since 1988, 50+ years combined experience!
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With over 50 years of the Doctors combined "In PRACTICE" experiance, is teaching us...


"There is only so much can be learned from books. It takes real life experience day to day, and for many years to open the heart and learn to listen deeply to another's health concerns.
Then it takes tremendous courage, a great love and talent as well as wisdom to do the right thing at the right time."

Dr. Lee Parimuha DC 2013


Non-Force style Chiropractic produces no

 Snapping, Cracking or Popping sounds usually associated with Chiropractic!

Truly...A NON-TRADITIONAL and ALTERNATIVE Chiropractic style and other healing methods!

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  • May Decrease Pain Quickly
  • We Treat Chronic Fatigue
  • Often Reduces "Stress" Fast
  • Often Decreases Tension
  • May Improve Quality of Sleep Quickly  
  • Restore Function for Many
  • May help with "Issue Resolution"
  • May Correct "The Cause"
  • Improve Digestion/Elimination
  • May Help Reduce Need for Surgery
  • May Improve Circulation
  • Can Relieve Nerve Impingement
  • Chronic Conditions Welcomed
  • May Reduce Need for Medication
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