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Dr. Lee Parimuha, Golden Chiropractor CO

    Nonforce Chiropractic Functional Medicine

                   No Snapping, Cracking or Popping/ Comprehensive Blood Panels, Hormone /Allergy

            Dr. Lee Parimuha D.C.            Dr. Rosanne Dektor Parimuha D.C.

Since 1988, 50+ years combined experience!
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Meet the Doctors



dr_1.jpgDr. Rosanne Dektor DC  and Dr. Lee Parimuha DC have over 50 years combined experience in providing therapies that address and help balance the whole person. We understand how to integrate non-force style chiropractic with any ongoing medical care you may be having.

"Spirit is willing but the body is weak", is a common refrain but what should be added is that "The weakness of the body has its affect on the spirit, sometimes perpetuating a downward cycle where the afflicted can lose hope."

Don't loose hope, get help!

Over our years in practice we continue to improve our skills learning from our mentors taking more continuing education seminars then is required by the state of Colorado. We have special chiropractic health training (Non-Force and SRT) and work very well with referrals from medical doctors often communicating through phone and written reports.

Drs have now completed advanced training in Functional Medicine.


Drs Dektor and Parimuha DC, have now completed their CE classes in Functional Medicine


Dr. Lee Parimuha D.C. 

Graduated Doctor Of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic 

Graduated Batchelors Degree University of Northern Colorado 

Certified Respiratory Therapy Degree Aims Community College

Medical Lab Technician US Army




Dr Lee Parimuha D.C.                                   Dr Rosanne Dektor Parimuha D.C.

Non-Force Chiropractor 25 years                    Non-Force Chiropractor 26 years

*CEO Z Comfort Plus LLC                               *Protoge of Dr H. J. Kimura D.C.  

*Patent holder Totillow, Posture Bed Pillow           *"Somatics" Exercise Instructor Wheat Ridge Recreation Center

*Former Preferred provider for                               *Writer and public speaker

        California State Comp Insurance Fund          * Former Massage Therapist prior to becoming a Chiropractor

*Writer and public speaker

*Former Chronic Pain Steering committee

      member Humboldt County Public Health Dept.

* Former Respiratory Therapist

* Former Medical Lab. Technician US Army

* Former Medical Aid Technician US Army

As alternative, compimentary style chiropractic doctors, we strive to promote health and well-being through our practice, public talks and through our writings.

Many find, in a few number of visits that what they thought a "permanent physical problem" effecting their sleep, overall function and attitudes is not permanent at all.

"I thought I had to live with it" is a common refrain.

Many will find improved energy, decreased pain, improvement of function and a renewed zest for life. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Don't get feeling old without a good fight.

Please Check our "Testimonials." and get a flavor of what we commonly see in practice have treated sucessfully.

Feel free to Email us with your questions.

Most of our patients have been referred to the office by former patients as well as medical and even insurance adjustors.

Please consider us for your health needs.

Make an appointment today or get a consultation today and we can review your needs and determine if what we offer could help you or your loved one.


All the best in your search for optimal health.


Sincerely in Health, Dr. Lee Parimuha DC