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    Nonforce Chiropractic Functional Medicine

                   No Snapping, Cracking or Popping/ Comprehensive Blood Panels, Hormone /Allergy

            Dr. Lee Parimuha D.C.            Dr. Rosanne Dektor Parimuha D.C.

Since 1988, 50+ years combined experience!
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What Our Patients Have to Say



Most stories/ patient testimonies/ treatment outcomes below, comprise one or two pages. Important details are included below but have been shortened for your convenience.  Original copies is available at our office for your review.

48 stories and counting...

"We test your body with muscle testing techniques to see what it needs, where it needs it and do the healing/ balancing work when the body indicates it is now the time. Patience is a key to better health. As bodies unwind, distortions are relieved with better function and less pain as the goal!

Positive long term change may happen quickly but some positive changes take time for the bodies to unwind and may depend on age and prior injuries and most importantly, How we think and feel about how we feel!

Lee Parimuha D.C.

I was introduced to Dr Lee by my wife who has seen some wonderful results. As a typical male I waited until I could barely walk to see Dr Lee. In a matter of 5 visits in three weeks and some guidance my pain has completely disappeared. (My leg reflex also became normal again)

Steve S. Telecom Business Owner

Former Place Kicker HS and College

Dr. Lee Parimuha's DC adjustments and Totillow pillow stopped my headaches and broken sleep that I've had for many years. I have been plagued by headaches of different kinds and magnitudes since childhood, usually triggered by stress, hypoglycemia (not eating enough), and digestive problems. I have gotten those under control, but in the past year, my headaches would start in the middle of the night and stay with me for several days. After talking with Dr Lee, I found out that my sleep position from the last for years (on my back with head tilted to the side) could be the cause. I had tried many kinds of pillows, finding none comfortable. I tried Dr Lee's pillow and the first night slept for 5-6 hours straight in a deep sleep. This is a rare treat during the past 15 years with kids. After using the pillow for several weeks, I had another bout of headaches. Dr Lee did one adjustment and I have been headache-free since then[2 months ago]. I don't even think about headaches anymore. What a gift! Thanks for all your help Dr Lee!

Laura A. Teacher/DU Graduate


I have had IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, since I was a child. Most IBS symptoms are controlled by diet. About 3 years ago I started having the combination of lower back, knee and lower abdominal pain. The regular IBS tricks for pain management were not working. I have discovered that the Non-Force treatment really contributes to relief of the IBS and lower back pain combination. I can feel the difference right away. I can come to the office with an "8" in pain and go down to a "4" by the end of the day. A "4" allows me to enjoy life with slight pain VS getting through activities. I have even come to a place that I can be "IBS" free for weeks at a time.

Christen R. High School Teacher

I had chronic lower back problems, swelling behind both knees and feet issues. I had these for over 15 years. The more I learned about the Non-Force technique and the retracing process, I found the old issues would resurface and then get resolved. As I released emotional issues, I found my adjustments would hold longer and longer and then I became more stable. Now I can walk more than ever before and climb stairs which I have not been able to do in many years. Its been an incredible experience.

Ellen J.

I was unable to snap my fingers on my right hand. After several treatments with Dr Lee Parimuha DC, I can now snap my fingers. My lack of ability had stumped my doctor, a hand specialist and led me to a neurologist. I have no pain in my hand, fingers or arm since my treatments. At the same time I had a hernia and was being treated with antacids---no relief. After realigned my stomach, what ever that means, I have no longer need for any medications and I am pain free.


I've been seeing chiropractors since 1982 because of migraines, sinus and low back problems. A friend of mine that is an RN told me about Dr. Dektor DC and Dr Lee Parimuha DC and their method of Non Force Chiropractic (which was a new way for me). I was having so much pain at the time I figured what did I have to lose? I started about 3 months ago and I feel great! Their goal right from the beginning was to get me healthy as quickly as possible-no more of this automatically going every month for years on end! I will now only be seen as the need arises. The Non force chiropractic method is gentle yet stabilizing. It works!

Cathy H. Teacher

Dr Parimuha has really helped myself and many of my patients. The technique is painless 99% of the time and adjustments last longer than traditional chiropractic adjustments. Drs Parimuha and Dektor also have a lot of integrity and will tell one when they can't help or don't think further treatments will help.

 Dr. Gina P. MD/Specializing in womens health issues.

Your treatments have helped keep me from living in pain (I AM Drug Free) and from being disabled.

Ellen B., Retired

I've had 28 cortisone shots, been through pain management course, had acupuncture and had 3 botox injections. The last cortisone shot made me worse so I came to Dr Lee Parimuha DC and he helped me almost as much as the botox in one treatment. I had pain in my back and down my legs. Usually its only one leg. Also my feet hurt when trying to walk.

Jean D. Retired

Seven months ago I had laminectomy surgery combined with spur removal. My recovery was excellent until a week ago when I experienced sudden and severe pain in my back. My pain was a 10 and didn't respond to usual ibuprofen tablets. After Dr. Parimuha DC gave me only one treatment the sharp severe pain was eliminated completely. 

Barbara M

I saw tremendous results and now only return for an occasional follow-up.

Richard S. Building Contractor 

“AFTER 25 YEARS of seeing chiropractors, with chronic and severe crippling pain, my back is much more healthy now at 46, than in my 20’s. I am grateful for Dr. Dektor DC methods.”

Beth T., Teacher

“THE TREATMENTS WERE WONDERFUL! A light touch, little pressure, absolutely no pain. Subtle adjustments work wonders.”

Susan A., Legal Secretary

"When I began treatment I had little hope for recovery from migraine headaches which have plagued me for over 20 years. Your non-conventional treatment was interesting at first. As it began to help me, I went through many stages of surprise....(much more in a two page letter in testimonial book at office)...You not only cured me from my migraines, but were able to accurately diagnose a medical problem. I only know your treatment works, and I will aways be grateful."

Andrea E., Bank Officer

“I FELL AND SPLIT MY; LEFT HIP MUSCLE (or gluteus maximum) on a railroad tie during a landscape project. Yes...ouch! It caused my hip and low back pain to shift and twist. I have been to other chiropractors over the past 6 years to correct that injury. I committed my healing with each one to about 1-1/2 to 2 years. My hip would stay in about one day and then I would be in a great deal of pain...the relief was very temporary. I was recommended to (Non-Force Chiropractic) by a friend, and I saw progress immediately. Dr. Lee Parimuha DC and Dr. Rosanne Dektor DC recommended non-force chiropractic, and Somatic Release Therapy. Within six months I was virtually pain free and able to live my life again without pain. They are very compassionate, caring and committed to patient wellness. So now it's my turn to recommend you to this incredible office.”

Ellen H., Alternative Healer

I SUFFERED THROUGH TWO AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS and had seen neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons and traditional chiropractors. The Non-Force technique seems to be the only answer for managing my chronic pain.

Roy K. H., Business Consultant

I COULDN’T WALK and had knee surgery planned. Since seeing Dr. Lee Parimuha DC I’m moving twice as good, walking faster and better.” (Surgery Cancelled)

Margie H., Retired

"I WAS HAVING LOWER BACK PAIN. I was seen two times. I received a total adjustment from Dr. Lee Parimuha DC. I feel like I have a new back. My back hasn't felt this good in twenty years."

Paul O., Design Engineer

Dear Dr. Parimuha DC & Dr. Dektor DC,

"I'M SO GRATEFUL I FOUND YOU BOTH. About two years before a friend told me about you I had the arch in my foot collapse which caused me tremendous pain whenever I walked. I could only walk for about 10 minutes at time and then the pain would be so intense I'd have to wait at least 20 minutes in order to walk again.

I was terrified of going to a medical doctor since so many of my friends had horror stories of foot surgeries gone bad and I just knew my problem would have to be a difficult one to address with surgery. So I visited a chiropractor. He told me I needed to get orthotics and come back after wearing them for six months before he could do anything. He said he didn't think he'd be able to help me much even then and that I would probably end up in a wheel chair.

So I felt I had no options left and had no idea where to turn until my friend, Joyce, told me that I just had to give Dr. Parimuha DC a try. I was certainly glad to hear the wonderful things she had to say about this doctor of Chiropractic but still I didn't allow myself to feel too hopeful; after all, I had so many things wrong with my feet - my feet were pretty much flat, bunions on both feet and I was pretty sure, arthritis.

Well, Dr.Lee Parimuha DC discovered many more problems than just those! For example, my spine was crooked and my hips way uneven, leg bones out ...the list goes on. In spite of all that, it was only about three treatments later that I could actually be on my feet for a good two hours or more. Wow, that made all the difference in my world. But he wasn't done with me -- he expects I'll be returned to well, maybe not as good as new, but close enough. I will have to wear orthotics and good shoes. He recommended that I get bunion surgery as one bunion was so severe that it distorted the way my foot landed and was too far gone for chiropractic alone to correct. So I did that as that surgery didn't scare me as it is so routine and many friends I know had it done without problems.

So after the bunion surgery I started seeing Dr.Dektor DC for the arthritis part of the problem which she has been treating with laser. It's been pretty amazing to watch the swelling in my hands & feet go down and to only be taking one ibuprofen a day instead of two and we've just started. She's also doing massage on parts that are contributing to what's going on with my body as a whole. So all in all I'm feeling better all the time. This is really amazing as my life looked pretty dismal just a short time ago."

Thank you both so much!!

Sandy G. Small Business Owner

“AFTER 6 YEARS of repeated bone crushing chiropractic, Dr. Lee Parimuha DC was successful in relieving the constant pain in my back after just 3 visits.”

Ted M., Professional Golfer

“HAVING EXPERIENCED back and neck pain throughout my life, I feel 100% better. Since seeing Dr. Lee Parimuha DC I have virtually no pain. After trying many other therapies his treatments are gentle and effective.”

Jim R., Rafting Company Owner

Dr. Parimuha DC,

The care that I have been receiving from you has been exceptional! It is very rare these days to find someone that takes so much pride in their work and cares so much about the well-being of their patients. It is very refreshing and I can’t thank you enough! I believe you are truly brilliant! I have suffered from chronic, severe insomnia for the past 13 years! I have spent an incredible amount of time and money over the past few years, seeing various kinds of doctors in both Western and Eastern medicine.

I have tried everything you can imagine, following the suggestions of all of these providers. Every single one of these doctors has been unsuccessful at determining the cause of my insomnia and has been unable to give me any relief. I had become very desperate and hopeless. In addition to the insomnia, I have experienced neck pain for as long as I can remember. I have lived with this pain and tension every day since high school, thinking I would have to tolerate it for the rest of my life since nothing I tried would relieve the pain.

The neck pain worsened greatly and became excruciating after being hit in a car accident. I think it is truly a blessing that the accident led me to find you! I realize that we still have some work to do, but my neck pain has gone down considerably. I have even had a few days that my neck feels normal, and I don’t experience any pain. I can actually sit still and be relaxed now instead of constantly squirming from the pain.

I have also been using the Totillow pillow every night and am loving it! I have tried a countless number of pillows trying to relieve the pain from my neck at night so that I could sleep. Again…unsuccessful…until now! It is the greatest pillow ever made! It fits perfectly into the curve of my neck and supports it so well that I don’t experience any straining which allows me to fall asleep as well as have no aches and pains in the morning.

I call it my “magic pillow” and even take it with me whenever I have to be away from home! It appears that my neck pain and insomnia are correlated. Over the past few weeks while receiving treatment from you and using the Totillow, I have been starting to sleep more consistently and soundly.

Sincerely, Wendy L.

“AFTER A HEAD-ON automobile accident I was house bound with severe pain and incapacitating headaches. After two visits to Dr. Lee Parimuha DC I was without pain for most of the day.”

Sarah S., College Student

I HAD A DOUBLE C5 FRACTURE prior to a second automobile injury. For the first time in 6 years, after 3-4 visits to Dr. Lee Parimuha DC, I was out of pain. It’s wonderful to live without pain and be able to move again.”

Margie B., Hairdresser

“I’D BEEN INJURED 3 times in the past 6 years. Dr. Dektor DC successfully and painlessly restored my health every time. She is honest and trustworthy. I recommend her to anyone.”

Jack A., General Manager

"When I discovered Non-force Chiropractic my long term neck, back and hip troubles were changing my life and compromising daily tasks. With a gentle precision they guided my body towards healing. Chronic pain unraveled, it felt magical. After a few months of treatments I was experiencing freedom from 15 years of pain. This is not your common chiropractic. No bone cracking adjusting here-Just gentle, intelligent healing."

Thanks again, 

Gratefully, Lisa S.

 Homeopath and Dental Hygienist

I have been a patient for about a year and find the nonforce technique used here to be superior to more traditional Chiropractic practice. I had severe pain in my lower back. While this was relieved, more problems arose in my neck, shoulders and jaw. With minimal visits, Dr Lee Parimuha DC was able to pinpoint the aggravated area and put bones back into position and relieve the discomfort of affected cartilage and ligaments. These practices are done in a gentle manor so unlike the "bone crunching" manipulation I have received in the past.

I am very satisfied with the method and effectiveness of treatment I received here and have not hesitated to recommend this office to interested people.

Linda R. 

This is a Testimonial about my experience with Dr Lee Parimuha DC

I went to Dr Lee for the first time and was absolutely amazed by the results. I used to toss my head to the side every so often, which would make my neck pop which would alleviate so stress/tension from my body. This brought temporary relief then the tension would start to build again until I popped my neck again. I've been doing this for at least 20 years.

After the first visit, I no longer have to do this (going on 3 months now). There is so so so much less tension in my spine and I am so much more relaxation. I am amazed. I've had a lot of chiropractic work done over the years but what ever Dr Lee and his DNFT did, sure made a difference. It truly is amazing work.

Jonathan Manske

Jonathan Manske's Inevitable-Success Programs

Denver, Co.

To your success, 


For all my education, for all my "understanding" of applied medical techniques generally found in standard general practitioner's offices--the ones that are always recommended by the surgeons--I can say with all honesty and integrity that the quality of my life after surgery NEVER CHANGED, never got better until I walked into the office of Dr Lee Parimuha DC. (2 page letter available in office to read)

J. Cole


...Dr Lee..his skills and gracious manner in providing painless Non-Force healing  has been a godsend to me. At 77 I am an active golfer/ gardener;I have been blessed by chiropractic care.

Bob L. former school administrator/ teacher


I've had years of neck, upper back, lower back and hip pain. With each visit with Dr Dektor I noticed great improvement, freedom of movement, and sense of relief. My body has not felt this free in years.

Linda S./ Dancer


This work has been reaching the causes of my back problems and I feel like it is healing work. I feel I am walking and having enjoyment because of this work. I recommend Non-Force Chiropractic because it works and lasts a long time.

Kristi G./ Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor


My back is stronger than it has been in years. In addition you were able to relieve my headaches. I have sent everyone to you and will continue to do so in the future. I have found you to br honest, caring, methodical, and best of all, what ever it is you do, works. Thank you for your continued search for new methods of healing.

Shirley H.P.


I was having lower back pain for 6 months, which became increasing worse until I was in severe pain and taking pain pills regularly. Medical doctors were no help. After 3 very soothing and relaxing treatments by you I am back to my old self. Working hard but watching not to abuse my back. It's not easy to have a positive outlook on life when you're in pain all the time but now I can concentrate on more important things instead of always wondering if I will even get better. Now I am better. 

Thanks so much, 

J. Whitney


DNFT..(non-force chiropractic) is my treatment of choice.....although completely mysterious to me as to how it works so quickly and painlessly, it DOES work and is painless, even restful, and it does the job!!!

Patti L


He had helped me with my lower back pain but lately I told him about my painful headaches, he said he could help. I was willing to try anything at this point, the pain was unbearable. I couldn't believe it. After the 1st treatment the headaches were gone. I'm so very grateful. 

Thank you Dr Lee,

Virginia C.


After a lifetime of suffering with debilitating migraine pain my migraines are gone! It's unbelievable to think with such a gentle touch, that this marvel occurred! I've had years of painful treatments and every drug available, but with just a few treatments, years of pain are over!

Thanks, Dr Dektor!!!

Christie W.

Retired College Instructor


I was facing surgery for a foot neuroma. With Dr Parimuha's treatment and proper orthotics I am now pain free and able to take long walks and square dance.



The problem: Denial! 25 years of lifting heavy mail and repetitive motion made everything hurt. My neck was really bothering me, even after years of chiropractic treatment. Headaches were ongoing all the time. A couple of weeks ago, I fell and a vertebra in my back was out of place, causing tissues in the stomach to be misaligned, and I was throwing up. I thought it was the flu,and was waiting it out, feeling worse and worse. So Dr Lee adjusted this and I was feeling so much better.

After years of trying to diagnose my health problems, and not succeeding, I am very, very grateful to have found Dr D and Dr Lee.

Marcia E.


I have found Dr Parimuha's treatments to be longer lasting than conventional chiropractic adjustments. They have been especially helpful to me in treating a problem with a stiff neck. 

Donna W.


Dr Parimuha DC

My neck is much better! I did feel a significant shift in the body as a whole. More stable. More core change.

I appreciate your care while I was on vacation. Hope to see you again.

B.S. "A thank you note from a Vacationer to our office"


I had many symptoms from soft tissue damage and alignment issues after an accident in April 2008. Drs Parimuha and Dektor have changed all that. I no longer have leg, hip and lower back discomfort. I am truly thankful that I found them both after moving to the Denver area in January 2008.

Dottie G./Author


With Dr Lee's gentle non-invasive technique, one light application of his non-force chiropractic treatment was all it took to unwind the years of stress on my jaw. I now sleep in any position and have no pressure on my jaw and teeth.

Chris B/ Financial Broker


Dear Lady, (Dr Dektor)

You treated me for my stiff neck on August 25th and I wanted you to know how thankful I am. You did a great job!

Thanks again, Sincerely,

JT / Mail received from Actor "on a shoot" in our area.


I had been in extreme pain for 6 weeks. Pain pills and relaxants did not help. As a last resort I came to Dr Parimuha and the treatments were great and I'm pain free at last. It is a real miracle!

Billie L. Retired Accountant


After failed attempts at other conventional, "Pop&Crack" chiropractors, I was skeptical about any other help, especially Non-Force. Not only an I no longer in pain because of Dr Dektor's help, but I feel my mind and body is once again in unity. I would recommend Non-Force to anyone who feels there is nothing left but to live with the pain and discomfort.



Hello I'm feeling great! Riding horses, swimming and walking. My back is 100%

Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

In gratitude,

Paulette G.B. /Post card from Patient on vacation in South America


For four years I've been seeing Dr Parimuha DC and I've never felt better. He helped me through some privously chronic pain and gives me regular tune-ups that keep me in tip-top  shape. I am very impressed with the healing power of DNFT and Somatics. 

Thank you, 

Will M. 

Network Marketer ....................................................................47 stories 










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